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What Is Seminary of the Street?
Seminary of the Street is a school for the training of love warriors working toward the transformation of their communities by embodying God’s love in the world.
Students cultivate the resilience, the unsentimental awareness of oppressive systems, the skills, and the deep and sustaining relationships to respond to injustice with steadfast love and creativity. Exposed to theological concepts that challenge conventional ways of living, they are encouraged to cultivate an alternative way of being rooted in nonmarket practices like love, generosity, tenderness, and wonder, a way of being so compelling that it challenges the legitimacy of dominant social systems.
Breaking News!

  • The free popular education-style seminar "Training Spiritual Warriors" with Lynice Pinkard is now happening every Thursday, 6-7pm, at the Omni collective space, sponsored by the Public School. The Omni is at 4799 Shattuck Avenue.
  • Our collaboration with the Buddhist Peace Fellowship to blockade the doors of the downtown Oakland Marriott to protest the militarized police expo Urban Shield has become part of the historic success: Oakland will no longer host Urban Shield! Read more about our action via ally T. Thorn Coyle's article, "Opposition is a Prayer."
  • Our ally Russ Jennings has just launched a very exciting podcast, "Love in Dangerous Times." Click through to listen or subscribe.
  • We are now piloting our new "Recovery from the Dominant Culture" 12-step group for anyone who longs to be more fully alive! Check here to learn more about how you can heal from being socialized in a culture that too often privileges self-preservation and self-aggrandizement. We'll be posting complete meeting materials once they've been piloted in this first group.


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