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At Seminary of the Street, we believe with Martin Luther King, Jr., that "no one is free until everyone is free," and we are wondering whether our gentrifying neighborhoods, where people of different races, ethnicities, and income levels are living side by side, might be a place to begin exploring what real freedom would look like.
We invite you to join the conversation!
As we talk together, we will seek to build loving relationships within the group even when we disagree or find the material painful. In this way, maybe we can become the seed of an alternative to gentrification ourselves. We encourage all participants to get involved in efforts led by people of color to halt the worst effects of gentrification.
A number of people attended all of the discussion series in 2010 and/or 2011 and found the experience provocative and transformative. Here are some of the comments we received.
“This is a safe place to dig deep.” –Dawn Raymond
“This is the first time I’ve seen a mixed group talk about racism without someone yelling or leaving in tears. I wasn’t sure it was possible.” –anonymous
“Come be in a supportive community with whatever burdens you hold, with all your vulnerability and self-doubt, even self-hate, and be in a place of love and authenticity.”
--Gillian Siple
The next round of program dates coming soon.
Email us to sign up.