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A Workshop for Emerging and Experiencing White Antiracist Activists on Removing the Barriers to Effective Justice-making and Solidarity


What are the practical skill and character strengths that support effective antiracist action? How can these skills and traits be developed and strengthened? Where does a new or emerging activist begin? How can we address the many pitfalls that limit and distort white antiracist intentions, such as: toxic guilt and shame, defensiveness, self-righteousness, disdain for less enlightened “whites,” feelings of inadequacy, etc….

How can experienced white activists effectively recruit and mentor other white antiracist activists? How can white activists work more effectively with communities of color and model fierce and effective solidarity with the people of color in their lives as they free themselves from everyday racism?

In this workshop, renowned antiracist educator, Victor Lee Lewis, best known for his work in the powerful antiracist film, “The Color of Fear” will introduce you to a powerful map of the alliance-building journey, and practical tools for negotiating this complex and often uncertain terrain. He will share and demonstrate cutting edge “conversational belief change” language tools that you can apply immediately to challenging and transforming limiting and toxic beliefs in yourself and/or in others. You will also learn how and why to use EFT, or “Emotional Freedom Techniques,” an astonishingly powerful healing and learning tool for transforming stress, trauma, powerlessness, hopelessness and aggravation. You will also discover how to use EFT improve your pleasure, speed and ease in the learning of any task, including the tasks of effective antiracist activism.

When these three powerful traditions meet--the “alliance-building” model, EFT, and “conversational belief change”--social justice education doesn’t just preach or teach, it also heals and transforms in immediate, powerful and often mind-blowing ways. Join us as we “change the way we change the world.”
Saturday, June 13, 2009
First Congregational Church of Oakland, 2501 Harrison St. 
9am-5pm with a break for lunch
Sliding scale $80-120
Email our registration desk to sign up